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3A St James, La playing in Freedom Bowl (Atlanta)?

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Just go up to the address bar and remove the 8 and put a 9. Then click enter. Glad I could help.

You got your claim 100% wrong and are now just scrambling to prop up a middling Louisiana team. Or what I call Wednesday.

Wait??? What???

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5 minutes ago, Atticus Finch said:

They're 1-3 against the top 1000.

Who cares????

Columbia, FL is 19-40 vs Top 1000 teams since 2001...and I hear they are GREAT during the season. I have to hear about every offer "2" kids get

Lakewood, a team you have pimped on here in 2019 is 1-6 vs Top 1000 teams since 2016.


I rarely talk about 3A St James. They are playing in the Freedom Bowl this year. Good for them.

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1 minute ago, Atticus Finch said:

There are two threads now where you claimed that a team was really good despite being 1-3 against the top 1000 in the last 5 years.

#554 out of 15,000 is "good"

I was talking about 2019 as most can see and read. Try to see it, finch. Look!

Where is the other thread?

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1 hour ago, Atticus Finch said:

So they lost to Evangel in 1996 and beat John Curtis barely in 2007.

You know in 2006 John Curtis went to Preseason #1 Hoover and put a whooping on them 28-14...national TV. Hoover with 6-7 SEC guys and Rush Propst (the legend)

..4 weeks later John Curtis beats 2A then St James 19-7.

John Curtis finished #2 in the nation.


John Curtis beats GIANT school North Miami Beach, FL 41-0

..4 weeks later John Curtis beats 2A St James 17-14 in the last minute!

John Curtis finished #19 in the nation.

tenor (1).gif

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