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2021 OOS games are starting to percolate

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7 hours ago, imaGoodBoyNow said:

as union president of preppyGridiriorn I was forced to replace you, @Eddyr2u went missing so I had no other option then  to go on the Twitter  and found this MD Fan @HurricaneNick who was roasting some Texas fans

This is a lie...I wanted to take a sabbatical and waited until I had @HurricaneNick trained up



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15 hours ago, Eddyr2 said:

27% CIF wont let kids play football next year...13% they let teams travel outside of the state...

O% chance we play this year. If we don't play next season then we have bigger issues at hand than football.

I would like to see MD play whoever the big dog is expected to be in Texas next season. Or MD/SLC would be a nice matchup since SLC has the top QB in the country in Ewers.

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59 minutes ago, I AM IRONMAN said:

He is hanging around to collect on the bet he won over a whole freakin pizza pie from some welching cheapskate.....YOU!



he took his ball and ran away...now he's back?...🙄...LOL..you have a friend now mam!....🤡..🤡

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3 hours ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

So we're going 0-2 vs Hoover in 2021 off rip... 



Look, NG is gonna get stomped in by Hoover. But Walton...let's just say I would have Hoover on upset alert. Call me crazy, but if that game is at Raider Valley, I think Hoover may fall victim to an upset. I've talked to some Walton players and they say that everyone underestimates how good they will be next year.

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