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Vitamin D3. C, Zinc and Quercetin

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11 hours ago, Cat_Scratch said:

I can tell you my D3 level and it is low so I supplement with 2000 IU's of D3 a day. I'm good on all other levels of vitamins. D3 is the hardest to get through diet if you do not go in the sun regularly. 

Cat, your smart..Get D up to at least Seventy..

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2 hours ago, RedZone said:

I wonder if you ever made a football post would it look as goofy as your vitamin/biology posts...



So goofy to asked what he has read about it,

and question it (as he is recommending it). 🙄

So much better to be opening your pie hole,

displaying your mouth full of shiat, and how hard you chew...  💩

...oh yeah, and doing your fool dance.



PS: wonder when you will realize you are not hitting anything..

...flailing your fingers like that on the keyboard....

Mr. fool that can't be questioned. 





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8 hours ago, Cat_Scratch said:

I believe I was at 34 or around that number. Doc wanted mt at 80 I believe.

Cat, you and your Dr got it right.....Gooooooooooo Cat....

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