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Black Atlanta and idiot Stacy Abrams who now regrets this....

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The economic impact is grossly exaggerated. But it's actually nice to see people willing to forego that for principle. At some point a line has to be drawn on Republican voter suppression efforts

They are headquartered in a state with tougher voting restrictions.    Add the MLB to the list of companies who think black people are too poor and stupid to get an identification card so they

Imagine believing that one weekend of exaggerated economic activity is more important than voting rights being attacked. Losing one weekend of economic activity is "suffering" yet losing voting r

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On 4/6/2021 at 10:19 AM, Atticus Finch said:

The Republican Party, in fact, knows that voter ID and other measures lead to lower turnout among minority communities.

It's a fact.

It does.

That's why they do it.

But Nolebull ignores this so he can dunk on MLB.

Seems like the jury is out on the reality of voter ID.

But, unsurprisingly, Andy steps up as the leading leftist shill on the board.





But critics argue that the laws, by restricting voting, make it harder for minority voters in particular to cast a ballot.

But a new study suggests that the laws, which require certain IDs to vote, may do neither.

The study, from Enrico Cantoni at the University of Bologna and Vincent Pons at Harvard Business School, found that voter ID laws don’t decrease voter turnout, including that of minority voters.

...The researchers then looked at how the voter ID laws affected turnout and compared trends to states without voter ID laws from 2008 to 2016.

The results: Voter ID laws do not seem to decrease turnout, even when the data is broken down by race.



... strict ID laws did not disproportionately disenfranchise minority voters, whether it was Hispanic Americans, African Americans or anyone else.


http://perc.tamu.edu/perc/media/perc/working papers/wp_1908.pdf?ext=.pdf

We find that no more than 0.1% of votes cast in Florida and no more
than 0.3% of votes cast in Michigan were due to the lack of appropriate identification. This implies
that even if the worst fears of critics of these laws were true—that all those who vote without IDs
would be wrongfully disenfranchised—there would be little effect on turnout. Similarly, if the
worst fears of these laws’ proponents were realized—that all those currently voting without proper
identification were fraudulent, and could be prevented—our results suggest it would be of little
practical importance.



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Voter IDs are free in Georgia.

Early voting was expanded, in fact.

The funny thing is that most blacks approve voter ID, despite the efforts of rabid ideological shills of the likes of Andy.


Though many of the arguments for early voting and against voter ID laws frequently cite minorities' voting access, nonwhites' views of the two policies don't differ markedly from those of whites. Seventy-seven percent of nonwhites favor both policies, while whites favor each at 81%.




Democrats have claimed that voter ID laws discriminate against black voters and other minorities, but voters reject that claim by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. Sixty percent (60%) say laws requiring photo identification at the polls don’t discriminate, while 31% say voter ID laws do discriminate. Ten percent said they are not sure.

A majority of Democrats (51%) say voter ID laws are discriminatory, while 79% of Republicans and 67% of unaffiliated voters say requiring identification at the polls is not discriminatory.

Majorities of whites (74%), blacks (69%) and other minorities (82%) say voters should be required to show photo identification before being allowed to vote. Voters under 40 support voter ID laws more than do older voters.

Voters who strongly approve of Joe Biden’s job performance as president were most likely to say voter ID laws are discriminatory. << aka "imbeciles"



Even 538 has an article on Americans' approval of voter ID.


APR. 2, 2021, AT 6:00 AM

Americans Oppose Many Voting Restrictions — But Not Voter ID Laws


the public strongly supports one of the other major stipulations of Georgia’s new law: the ID requirement for absentee voting. That latest YouGov/The Economist poll found that Americans support requiring a photo ID in order to vote absentee, 53 percent to 28 percent. And Georgians are even more supportive: 74 percent of registered voters in the UGA/AJC poll backed requiring voters to include a copy of their photo ID or other documentation in order to vote by mail. Only 22 percent were opposed.1

In another national poll out this week from Selzer & Co./Grinnell College, 56 percent of adults favored keeping laws that require people to show a photo ID before voting, while just 36 percent wanted to eliminate them. And this isn’t an opinion Americans suddenly adopted amid 2020’s specious claims of voter fraud. In fall 2018, the Pew Research Center found that 76 percent of Americans favored requiring everyone to show a government-issued photo ID in order to vote, versus only 23 percent who opposed it. 


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On 4/7/2021 at 8:56 AM, Cat_Scratch said:

NYPost Cat?



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