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Which HS’s are going to have the most drafted in 2021?

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10 minutes ago, Atticus Finch said:

It wasn't personal so how could it be self-defense?

An idiot kid who doesn't know anything got something factually incorrect.

You then swooped in to change the subject.

Because you're obviously insecure. 

This "kid" is 22 years old and still has more integrity and honesty than you 


While your working for some paper pusher job at the Tallahassee police department I've had the opportunity to interview professional athletes and coaches before even finishing college 


I've accomplished more than you will ever accomplish in life and did it without having a 14 year head start

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Tiny Bishop O Dowd in Oakland Ca. Had two players picked 14 and 36

Any predictions?  AHP will def have a crazy draft.   STA should have at least 3-4, but AHP will likely surpass that.    Any other teams out there have multiple kids entering the draft this year?  

Trevon Grimes was signed by the Eagles as an UDFA.  I thought STA would have 4 total.   

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5 minutes ago, RedZone said:

I have to admit though that shitting on players in super fun......I can see why Finch does it every day.

He does that because he's jealous that he wasn't even good enough to be a bench player at STA so had to become a stat boy to say he was a part of the team 


The difference between me and him is if I wanted to play at my school I could have, I didn't because I refuse to be one of those players who makes the team just to say I make the team, if I didn't feel like i could come in and actually make the team better I stay away 




He wanted to be a raider so bad he was fine being a leach because it made him feel better about himself

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13 minutes ago, Atticus Finch said:

No, he said something stupid and factually inaccurate.

You then changed the subject.

As usual.

Who said I was claiming he regressed from junior to senior year?

You assumed that


I was claiming he regressed from high school to college as he went from being one of the most touted recruits to being an average receiver lost in the shuffle, he never developed into the elite WR that UF thought they were signing

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Just now, Atticus Finch said:

The difference between me and you is that I'm right and that's what chaps your ass.

Based on what? Because you talk nonstop until people give up debating with you 


You win more arguments by default than anything else and somehow people like @golfaddict1 and @954gator are clueless enough to actually believe your some insider who lives in SFL when you aren't

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What really stings Los is his sole purpose of feeling good about himself is St Thomas Aquinas and he will defend it to the death because it's the only thing that makes him relevant in life 


He's stuck in a dead end desk job with no family and no future, if it wasn't for him attaching himself to STA he would just be a random everyday cog with no life and it makes him miserable and afraid, he has been broken mentally over time because he has such low self-esteem that anything that isn't kissing his alma mater's ass is seen as a attempt to drag him into the mud even more 


He's just a sad human being wishing he could turn back the clock to the glory days of being a Locker room bitch to future NFL starters 

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Los my comment designed to bait you showed that you do read my posts so how about you respond now 


We know you have no life which is why you spend so much time on here, and it's also why you have never been promoted 


So either you know what I've said about you is right and your embarrassed to say anything now 


Or your speechless because I've cut you so deep with it that you have no comeback to me 


Either way I own your bitch ass! You are afraid of me because I know so much about you and it scares the shit out of you 


Your keyboard persona isn't intimating to me and you aren't good enough to scare me off, you have finally met your match and you can't win against me

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3 hours ago, Atticus Finch said:

Peacock thinks American Heritage is in Miami.

Par for the course.


Michigan St. had zero players selected in the 2021 draft.

Peacock could probably fit in here at this forum. Whoever Peacock is.


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