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What Happened to the Naked Lady Thread?

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On 4/22/2021 at 7:30 PM, Slotback Right said:


It's kinda innerstin that for a hundred years, there were no issues with statues and such, until the ACLUWHO and NAACP brought it to their attention! NOW it's front page news.

In the irony segment for today! It's funny that through choice, a vast number of people of color in my previous town, are flocking to neighborhoods that were previously owned by people of no color.(White Flight as it were) ANYWHO, the names of these streets in these neighborhoods, are named after folks and events you may have heard of! Thomas Jefferson St., A.P. Hill St. , Stonewall Jackson Dr., Jackson St., Stonewall Dr., Lee Street, Lee Dr., Lee Ln., Manassas Ave., Shiloh Dr., Antietam Dr., Bull Run Dr., to name a few. And not ONE issue at this writing! GO FIGURE!

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