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For you aficionados of tasty dining. A few recommendations, if you would?...

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8 hours ago, Old Rabid One said:

ACTUALLY, when we get to Charleston! The WHOLE crew is chomping at the bit to travel to Summerville, to partake of one of our college haunts, TASTEE FREEZE! One of only THREE in captivity, in the Southeast! We HAD one in Lyons, Ga., masquerading as HENRY'S! But alas, the proprietor retired and the dumbass didn't sell his eatery! We ALL had a day of mourning, that has lasted to this writing!

But jist fer shits and giggles though, I have partooken of Fago de Chao in Buckhead, Jawja! I believe that the bill was $160.00 Amuuuurican, for two!

I'm guessing somebody else paid at Fogo de Chao?




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11 hours ago, Old Rabid One said:

Do I need to be a 1%er to partake?😉

Thank you for your culinary expertise, there Master Rufus!

I would never send you somewhere I haven't been.  We do love Savannah...and I can say truthfully I have done the Savannah Crawl.  Of course, it was back in my younger days.  I'd say "wilder" days...but that would be misleading.

Enjoy your birthday....




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