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Damn Bill Gates just lost half his wealth this morning

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21 hours ago, imaGoodBoyNow said:

Damn Bill Gates just lost half his wealth this morning

While Bezos created the worlds richest woman a little while back with his failure (having to give up 25%),

These two got hitched well after billy boy was rich and there is supposedly a pre-nup

so I doubt he loses half...

...with this failure.

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1 hour ago, Atticus Finch said:

I can't think of a greater endorsement of someone's character than being a called a jackass by Dr. Quack.


You expect any REAL doctor to appreciate some computer nerd trying to play like a doctor ???

Call the real doctor a quack,

and follow the medical advise of some rich guy who is making a buck off of what he is selling

Well that may work for you...

but everyone else already knows who is the real character,

and who is the jackass.

PS: Hope this helps

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Bill Gates is one of the most evil pieces of shit on earth. He might not have started out that way but he definitely entered that stratosphere inhis adult life.

When you hear of that Illuminati, Free Mason stuff of secret societies running the world, that asshole is who they are talking about.

Best advice you can give someone is to do the exact opposite of whatever Bill Gates suggests.

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52 minutes ago, Mag44 said:

Couldn't happen to a better Leftist Democrat...A liberal, doesn't care about his money...

There is always more people involved in a broken marriage than just one dude you despise...


...and Schadenfreude is nothing to brag about enjoying.

just sayin'

PS: It is always amazing tho, that these children never did any social media, no facebook/youtube/etc... golly gee....wonder why

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12 minutes ago, Cat_Scratch said:

Had to look that word up...

BTW: did you reference this part ?

Psychological causes

Researchers have found that there are three driving forces behind schadenfreude: aggression, rivalry, and justice.[4]

Self-esteem has a negative relationship with the frequency and intensity of schadenfreude experienced by an individual; individuals with less self-esteem tend to experience schadenfreude more frequently and intensely.[5] The reverse also holds truethose with higher self-esteem experience schadenfreude less frequently or with less emotional intensity.[5]

It is hypothesized that this inverse relationship is mediated through the human psychological inclination to define and protect their self- and in-group- identity or self-conception.[5] Specifically, for someone with high self-esteem, seeing another person fail may still bring them a small (but effectively negligible) surge of confidence because the observer's high self-esteem significantly lowers the threat they believe the visibly-failing human poses to their status or identity. Since this confident individual perceives that, regardless of circumstances, the successes and failures of the other person will have little impact on their own status or well-being, they have very little emotional investment in how the other person fares, be it positive or negative.

Conversely, for someone with low self-esteem, someone who is more successful poses a threat to their sense of self, and seeing this 'mighty' person fall can be a source of comfort because they perceive a relative improvement in their internal or in-group standing.

(pretty much why I wouldn't brag about it 仄儭)

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