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This BS craziness is a growing story


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  • OldTerrapin changed the title to This BS craziness is a growing story

I coulda sworn the ESPN and Max Preps nerds read along on here. They knew. 

They may wanna play dumb now, but they all knew what this was. 

Zack Poff cant spit GSB's cock out his mouth long enough to do any real reporting over at Max Preps. I'm guessing we have the same problem with ESPN. 

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Just now, Las Vegas_JC said:

I’m pretty sure that BS will get banned by ESPN for the foreseeable future. 

Next year they'll have 53 D1s again. xD

We've been calling them out on here since last year. These broadcasters and reporters know what this team is and has been.

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1 hour ago, OldTerrapin said:

How did we get to this point, you ask? Well apparently, Bishop Sycamore lied its way into this game by stating they had D1 prospects (they don’t) and naming players who don’t even go to the school in their press release





The Next time @GardenStateBaller has a Conference call with ESPN there will be nothing but a Dial Tone Coming from ESPN’s Side….🤣

What an Embarrassment…. 🤣🤣

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