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Vaccine Mandates are Facing huge Protests Around the Globe.

Slotback Right

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in the category of

"what will they come up with next"...

This one should be relatively easy to prove

or disprove.

MAC-cinated (Dr. Luis De Benito) Advance of his REPORT on MAC ADDRESS Phenomenon in the INOCULATED (bitchute.com)



PS: and who missed this front page the other day ?



 BTW: follow the Science...

... not the scientist.



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2 hours ago, Slotback Right said:

They tried to go all totalitarian throughout the globe, and they failed. They didn't expect this much defiance. Time for them to give it up.



Kangaroo court...




PS: How do you figure "they"

just "give up" ???


BTW: and according to massive wealth transfer (and power grab)....not so sure "they"...

actually "failed"....


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