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1.  Rush says that if our poor, tiny, little undersized and inexperienced Hawgs can find a way to beat Norcross up in the heat at Turner Field...it could cause the sun to disappear.

2.  The Packer Touchdown Club President said that I wasn't gonna like the new Packer uniforms.  He then followed up with....what else is new?

3.  Lowndes fans think they could very well beat Valdosta in the Winnersville Classic this year.  They could be right.  If they don't, Randy might wanna take the "Communications Director position"  with Trumpy the Clown.

4.  Tift...that's right...the Tift County Blue Devils... may have their best team in 10 years this season.   Expectations are HIGH amongst their five fans.  Oh, and I never liked Tift.  NEVER !!!!!    

5.  Bullet Bob...the new HC at Camden...should have some growing pains in his inaugural season with the Bluecats.  BUT...Rush says...keep at least one eye on Coach Sphire cause he's like the Queen of Diamonds.... he'll beat ya if he's able.

6.  The Valdosta Radio Crew has a new look.  They're still ugly as sin...but they're new.  And in a counterswing...the Colquitt Radio Crew...Durwood, Darrell and Jim....are loved by EVERYONE...except Brookwood.

7.  "Doc" sent a text to our 2017 Packer Team.  All it said was...




Who knew the Old Man could "tweet".......?




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