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The Most Hated Name In The World


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Creating The Most Hated Name In The World / Unifying The World Through Hate : An Interview With King Nazir Muhammad 

Mr Muhammad, it is my understanding that you intentionally changed your name to something you knew everyone would hate.

Why would anyone want to do that ?

And why is the name you chose so hated - in your opinion ? 

There are a few elements that makes this name so hated ..

#1. After 9/11 the name "Muhammad" was definitely not the name to have because in the minds of the people it is associated with those events. 

#2. I added "King" to it , because as a black man in a society plagued with racism and a low opinion of black men. It would offend a racist to the core to have to address a black man as King. 

#3. The last element is claiming the title of "prophet" because that puts the name in direct conflict or competition with the historical Prophet Muhammad. 

And if you add all of these elements together, you have a name that a large group of ordinary christian American's don't particularly like. 

You have a name that racist don't like. 

You have a name that 1.8 billion orthodox Muslims are not particularly fond of as well. 

And I would have to say that is a very large portion of the world.  

I see your point, but why did you want a name everyone would hate ? 

Bacause it would make me an outcast .. 

As an artist, how is that beneficial to your career ? 

Because I'd be able to explain why this name is so hated - as someone on the outside looking in - which gives me a point of view that no one else has.

And from the outside, I can see that the name Prophet-King Nazir Muhammad has the power to "unite" so many demographics.

Ok, but why would that be a problem ?

Because if their "commonalities" are bigotry, racism and hatred that wouldn't be good PR for a world that points the finger at each other. 

And who wants to find out that they are just like the people they despise ?

So you're saying oddly enough, that the world can be united through their hatred of you ? 

Exactly !!!  

Why can't you get the world to unify through love rather than hatred ?

I don't know, you'd have to ask the world ... 


#WorldsMostHatedName #KingNazirMuhammad #UnitedHate



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