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Movement To Cure All STDS

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MOVEMENT TO FREE AMERICA FROM STD'S idea conceived by @Socialdamus

Because the LGBTQ community unjustly carries the stigma of perversion and promiscuity. 

I feel they should lead the movement to force the government to aggressively develop or release the cures to the last few incurable STD'S. 

Those being ...

HIV · Hepatitis B · HPV · Herpes · Gonorrhea SEE LIST 

And even though perversion and promiscuity is not exclusive to one particular group of people.

Having that title unjustly or not gives them a greater power to be heard when they collectively protest against it's damaging effects.

And if nothing else, this movement will make it "safer" to practice perversion and promiscuity.

And not just for the LGBTQ community, but for all of us ... 




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