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New Book Inspired by Kevin Samuels


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The Relationship Bible : For Black Women Over 40 by @Socialdamus Inspired by Kevin Samuels 

As black social media argues over the life and death of controversial relationship guru Kevin Samuels

It reveals that his legacy unfortunately leaves behind a greater divide between black men and women over what his work actually accomplished. 

But in all of his harsh criticisms, did he expose the faults that create failed relationships between black men and black women ? 

Or did he expose the root of all failed relationships between men and women of all races ?

This new book will break down the underlined message that he tried to convey to his audience - without all of the controversial rhetoric that made him so misunderstood. 

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    • By Editor
      Actress Vivica A. Fox Receives Her Own "Karma" Over Her Evil Comments Concerning The Death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels @Socialdamus
      Days after the aging actress made her "evil comments" about the deceased relationship guru Kevin Samuels live on Fox Soul SEE HERE
      "Stating that his death was due to karma over his criticisms of black women" 
      Social analyst Socialdamus issued a tweet directed at the 57 year old actress informing her that Kevin Samuels was not the only black person who has an issue with black women. 
      And she may be surprised to know that this person is a "black woman" .. and her revelations may be even more damaging to the so-called sistahood. 
      Has vivica inadvertently sparked a Black Girl Civil War ? #BlackGirlCivilWar 
    • By DigitalPro
      Kevin Samuels & The Modern Day Slave Master Complex 
      Oped by @Socialdamus  
      The gist of what Kevin Samuels is preaching can be broken down into a simple phrase - Alpha Males need Beta Females. 
      But the flip side of that coin is that - Alpha Females need Beta Males. 
      Just take everything that Kevin says about what men want, and apply it to High Value Women. 
      Then you'll see that Alpha Females need subservient men because Two Alpha's can not dominant the same space. 
      The logic is simple, we have long been told that opposites attract and although high value women may feel that they want their equal.
      The ego that comes with success will not allow them to submit to a less than full leadership role. 
      Therefore, their mate must be of a lesser financial and educational status. And have no desire to be the head of household in the so called traditional capacity. 
      And although it is not popular to admit this in public, the fact of the matter is that high value women secretly want and need Beta Males. 
      High value women, just like high value men need to feel valuable and only a person who feels that they are of lesser value would treat them as a trophy. 
      Because it is not possible to get two people of equal value to see one more valuable than the other. 
      And in the world of high value thinking that can become a serious problem.
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