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The Replacement Theory ( Solution )


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The "Non Violent Solution" To The Great Replacement Theory @Socialdamus

As white supremacists / nationalist offer their solution to the Replacement Theory in the form of mass shootings and murder. 

A black supremacists / nationalist King Nazir Muhammad offers his non violent solution in the form of satire - or is truth often clothed in jest ? YOU DECIDE 


#BlackPlanet #ReplacementTheory 



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    • By DigitalPro
      This New Age Church Prefers - Whites Only #WhitesOnly 
      By Anonymous Writer 
      Has America come to a pivotal point in it's history of racism in which a black owned business does not want to cater to black people ? 
      strangely enough it has .. because a new age church has listed on its business profile .. 
      We are open to all ethnicities (yet) we prefer whites only  SEE HERE

      Although segregation is illegal in the United States - to "prefer" to cater to one particular racial group seems to be a loophole in the system.
      But for a black business to prefer not to cater to it's own people is a new one on me.
      It reminds me of a Dave Chappelle skit in which he depicted himself as a Black-White Supremacists SEE HERE 
      But what seemed to be a joke actually reveals a truth about black people that no one wants to talk about. - As proven by this business profile.
      And it begs the question, will this become a trend for the new age uncle tom ?
      Or worst yet .. 
      A new business strategy for all the new age racists to use to segregate their businesses as well ? 
    • By DigitalPro
      Analysis by @SOCIALDAMUS
      From Police Killings of Blacks, to Endless stories of Social , Criminal and Economic Injustice .. The cause is always attributed to RACISM ... 
      And for many this makes no sense because the number of interracial marriages have increased from 310,000 in 1970 to 2,340,000 in 2008 - And the numbers have continued to rise every year.
      And according to Pew Research Center : 1 out of 7 infants born in the United States were multiracial leading up to 2015 - That is nearly triple the number since 1980.
      MY QUESTION IS : With so many interracial children being produced from black and white love affairs. How can we label any issue RACISM when statistics show that race purity is virtually non existent ?
      MY CONCLUSION IS : Racism is an outdated term , and these Injustices have nothing to do with skin color.
      " The Hate we hear is Fake , because everybody marvels over everybody's ethnicity with infatuation in America "

    • By DigitalPro
      By @SOCIALDAMUS : There is an unspoken theory among the black conscious community that being Black and Gay particularly in America has a deeper purpose that is a continuation of the civil rights movement. And an extreme interpretation of the Malcolm X by any means necessary philosophy. 
      And this tactic if it is that is perceived as a way to separate from the injustices black people endure, and this is causing non gay blacks to become racist against gay blacks.
      A racism that stems from a perceived equality in regards to civil and human rights that they feel only gay blacks can enjoy. 
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