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On 11/19/2022 at 12:11 PM, ChimpGrip said:

1180 pound “Thor” gripper. Note, 1180 is what it takes if you load the handles at the end, furthest from the spring. The actual pressure your hand would need to exert would surpass 1180 since part of your hand would cover areas closer (and therefore harder) to the spring. I have an insane grip and can hardly move it! 


Stop whining and start working on this 👆.  And eat more kale.

3 hours ago, ChimpGrip said:

Any recommendations? Anybody? @HawgGoneIt despite my car accident, my grip workouts were superb. I fueled my body with bison, sweet potatoes and organic dark greens with organic minced garlic and olive oil. Made my grip a hydraulic press.


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35 minutes ago, Wosinc said:

So your grip is approximately 168.571428571429 pounds?


These numbers are RGC ratings, the “RGC” is measured my weighing down the gripper at the end of the handles. This is usually done in a vice with a gripper held vertically with a weight-loadable belt. Since this is done at the furthest point from the handles, it’s not the exact amount of weight needed to close a gripper when being closed by a human. But this system is quite accurate for quantifying the difficulty of grippers and has allowed for people to build training programs around 

Furthermore, while the heaviest gripper I’ve closed had an RGC rating of 172 pounds, most of that will be exerted by my ring and pinkie finger. The total force exerted by my hand in closing the gripper will far exceed 172. 

The best/strongest/freakiest strength people and grip guys on Earth clock in anywhere from 210-265 RGC. 

Most people can’t close a 150 gripper without training. Those who can are considered “freaks”. 

Kirill Sarychev, who’s probably the most gifted/genetically monstrous person of all time, was able to almost close an IronMind #4 (rates 198-228) on his first try. Most people can train their whole life and never close a #4. 

The gripper in the picture features an approximate rating of 1180, meaning you would have to be about 4.453 times stronger than Nathan Holle (best in the world at grippers), assuming the GHP Level 10 he closed had a 265 RGC. GHP Level 10 is the hardest current production gripper you can buy. Only two people have closed it and neither did it under official certification rules. 

Lastly, there are orders of magnitude just as you would have in any other lift. A jump from 160 to 170 is much greater than 100-110. Just like a 200-250 bench versus a 600-605 bench. 

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