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11 hours ago, SeaShells21 said:

I am getting Castle Dimitrescu vibes, and I 😍 it!





The interiors of the rooms are giving me the feeling of a certain royal overtone, but not overwhelming.

It looks peaceful and quiet.

The first picture would be the perfect stay for a cold, rainy night. Cozy. 

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On 7/28/2022 at 11:23 PM, ChimpGrip said:

Very neat story! Did you have a favorite dish while you were there? I heard their BBQ is fantastic. And you’re correct on your Georgian lol. I wish more people knew about this country, but most people are so ignorant they only know of the state here. 

Georgia was the bread basket of the Soviet Union so the food was both plentiful and amazing!  I quit counting at 24 different things I had never had before and that including counting 4 different kinds of caviar as 1 thing. 😁  Being from the South, I'm used to family gatherings with a *lot* of food but we went to a wedding on a commune and it was amazing the food that was there.  I kind of drew the line at things that were still looking at me personally (on my plate) but I was okay with the big roast pig with the head on.  Their wines and champagnes were amazing.  A fair number of people tried to bring bottles home with them and the number of bags leaking on the conveyor at baggage claim in Atlanta was sad.

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