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On 11/10/2022 at 12:35 PM, ChimpGrip said:

BWW is among the worst places to get wings

I am a hot sauce and wing freak, I have a collection of over 200 sauces and have tried sauces up to 7.1 million Scoville units, so I laugh when I go to Thai or Mexican places and try to warn that whatever I get will be too hot. 

I did the one chip challenge and survived okay.  I will say that the "end" results weren't so pleasant! 😲

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13 minutes ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:



Ok these are actually pretty cool. But you post one photo of feet and I swear to god I’m jumping on F ing a plane and flying out to punch you in the side of the head.

Let’s not encourage these type of posts any further. 😂

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3 hours ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

Bruh Had to drive up these steep ass mountains... 

And over the Big ass Hiawassee Dam on the GA-TN line.... 

Got to see the Georgia Power Hydroelectric Plant in Rabun County.... and it smells like Chlorine... 

But it is fucking H U G E... 


Tallulah Gorge?

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