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6 minutes ago, SeaShells21 said:

That has nothing to do with America and its’ history of white supremacy. The ability to discuss the truths of this nation’s past and shortcomings and come to terms with accepting accountability just seems to be too much for some to handle, I suppose.


You don’t find fault with any of this at all because for a lot of you, this was the legal, free, and right way for which you were to live.

That makes this an empathy issue then.

That’s not possible though.

America could never act in a heartless and care-free way. 

This nation has a clean and unbiased history who until recently was all well until non-white Americans began blaming the whites for all their problems.

I believe that began around the 60’s.

That’s just the beginning. Wait until you hear this.

1. Have you heard that people actually believe the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag event. 

People are absolutely bonkers.

2. The same is annually claimed about 9/11. Something about thermite and the fires not being hot enough to melt the steel. Rumors of the firefighters hearing things like explosions and crazy claims that the buildings were imploded all for the grounds to start a middle eastern war. Something Something oil. 

Who knows.

3. Something about a coup in Iran.

4. Rumors about the CIA distributing drugs into Black and Mexican neighborhoods. MK-Ultra 

5. Rumors of segregation and white-only restaurants, drinking fountains, swimming pools, libraries. You know, your common everyday public gathering places.

6. 270 million bombs in Laos? That sounds like not-real news.

7. Atomic bombs dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima? I guess that’s what Japan gets for Pearl Harbor.

8. The lynching, murder and assault of blacks in the country until the 1960’s?

A lot of right-wing supporters have informed me that the rules were “comply and you won’t die”.

That sounds a little too aggressive. Just a little.

I think you understand. So much has been blamed on the whites. It’s just not fair. 

They have to listen to blacks and their complaining about kneeling and dying. They’re much more likely to be killed by themselves.

Then they have to listen to mexicans complain about the wall, and how bad the cartel is in Mexico and making a safer life for their children. Blah blah, “let us in”.

Then they have to listen to Asians complaining about….. wait.

Do you know what Asians complain about?

I don’t really know…

@FreeBird What are Asians in America?

Are we ? 




Anyway, America is the land of the American dream. You work hard, do what is right, and you will be fine and have the same opportunity as everyone else.

It is as simple as that. 

I wholeheartedly support you in your struggles living here in this country. I know it must not be easy being white.

I will pray for you 🙏🏻

Your Caucasian my guy, like white rice white, especially if @Wildcat Will labels Hispanics as white


heres my thing, u can’t choose to be whyte  when it benifits you but then not claim white when ur trying to push an agenda 

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12 hours ago, On2whls said:

For what % of the US school systems have you reviewed the curricula to determine there isn’t attention given to the topic?  You once posted about the Tulsa race riots as if it was some big secret.  We were let in on that secret in middle school.  
Maybe it’s different down south?  

So by your logic, the small amount of black history that is taught is to be considered CRT. It has no place in the curriculum being taught in American history. 

How many other towns did they teach you about that were wiped off the map by the hatred? Your preceived knowledge is just that, preceived. You learned what they allowed you to know. Besides, knowing does not remedy the fact that it happened and IS part of a bigger story.

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8 minutes ago, Wildcat Will said:

Besides, knowing does not remedy the fact that it happened and IS part of a bigger story.

Yes, well put. The American Slave story is but a brief subset of humanity’s epic struggle from the centuries of slave empires, to the current day.  Gotta admit though, societies have come a long way.  But, for all the progress, we can’t help ourselves.  There will be a reckoning and we are all fortunate we’ll be long gone and won’t have to bear witness to the elixir.  

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