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Blaze Starr and High School Football America


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I am 75 years old.  The day I turned 16, in my mother’s car, I drove from the DC suburbs (Silver Spring, MD) to the Gayety theatre in downtown Baltimore.  In a rain storm.

I looked older than my age and wasn’t carded-they let me in to one of America’s premier burlesque houses.  Where the strippers also took everything off.

I sat in the front row.  Sixteen years old.

Blaze Starr (today, a legend) was the headliner.  Part of her act was to find someone young and “innocent” in the first row and really work them over.  A hundred or more men crammed around them hooted and whistled her on.  All, to bring out the voyeur and steal the innocence of a teenager fool enough to sit in the front row.

She picked me.

Tonight I went on High School Football America’s website.  Looking for their top 25.  Instead there is a list of numerous schools in each state and the tease to come back.  By the weekend you will see everything.

I thought of Blaze Starr when I read their tease.

At least she powdered her thighs….

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Blaze lived up to her billing-she picked innocent, scared uncomfortable (but she knew they were horny) boys.  One side of the stage was to powder a boob (which she pushed in your face while the audience cheered.  On the other side she handed a powder puff to me and had me walk to the edge of the stage.  Hundred of whoops, I was scared and she knew it.  She strolled to the edge and crouched down with her knees (on the stage), almost touching my face.  She beckoned me to lean closer and spread her legs offering the inside of her thigh for my powder puff.  When I hesitate she stepped forward crushing my face into her crotch where she slowly ground my nose and mouth against her g string.  The audience was going nuts!  She had perfume and powder on her g string-My lips had powder on them. My lips!  Blaze Starr’s powder from her thighs and ….?

Blazer Starr had spoiled me for life!  I thought about that visit for months.  I even bought the same powder and perfume just in case I could find a date to relive that night. (Nobody believed me in home room.) 

Part of the pleasure is that she really enjoyed the erotic teasing.  She had control and knew that she could almost corrupt a boy for life.

I’ve never been a boob man.  Now if I had sat on the other side of the stage…..

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