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George Santos...professional fraud


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1/19/2023 7:14 AM PT


7:39 AM PT -- George Santos addressed the reports, saying the drag queen claims are "categorically false." He said, "the media continues to make outrageous claims about my life while I am working to deliver results. I will not be distracted or fazed by this."


Rep. George Santos has yet another past alias, at least according to an ex-friend in Brazil who's posted a photo of him in drag ... which is interesting because Santos has spoken out against drag shows in America.

The ex-friend, Eula Rochard, posted a pic from 2008 which she says shows Santos as a drag queen named "Kitara." Eula told a website called The Handbasket her experience with Santos was that he lied a lot ... a now oft-told tale about the embattled freshman U.S. Congressman from NY.

george santos

Eula says they met when Santos was 16 or 17, and going by the name Anthony. He's already copped to previous aliases of Anthony Devolder and Anthony Zabrovsky.

As for his "Kitara" days, Eula says the pic was taken at a Pride Parade, but she says he was not a pro drag performer -- "George did not have the glamour for that.” Ouch!

The more relevant point here is that present-day Santos -- who is openly gay -- has backed Florida's Don't Say Gay bill, and aligned himself with Republicans who claim drag queens and drag shows groom children.

Eula says she posted the pic after seeing Santos on TV, and friends doubted her when she said the Congressman and "Kitara" were the same person.

The "Kitara" pic would add a new wrinkle of hypocrisy to the tapestry of Santos' lies. As we've reported, he's already admitted to fabricating details of his education, previous jobs and family heritage. He's also been accused of falsely claiming his mother was in the World Trade Center on 9/11.


While some members of Congress have called for Santos to resign in light of all the lies that came out since he was elected in November, he's refused to do so ... and GOP leadership is still backing him, even appointing him to committees.

We've reached out to Santos' office for comment on the "Kitara" pic, but no word back yet.

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