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White Supremacist Rally Protest Violent Clash with Counter-Protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia


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10 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Duke is very much part of the Deep State. He's being used as fodder by Soros and the MSM. Very few who voted for DJT agree with what DD and his followers stand for. 

I disagree. The name of the march was 'Unite the Right' and oddly enough it appears as though bigotry was what united the Right. There was nearly 20 candidates on the Right who all espoused the same shitty/bigoted policies. However, only one of them spoke bigotry without using code words or the wink and nod. The open bigot won going away. That tells me something.

And apparently Duke, the KKK, neo-Nazi's and white supremacists alike all heard the message. 

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2 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

I'm against violence regardless. Left, right, middle...no reason for it IMO. 

There's plenty reason for violence. You just don't happen to care about what the anti-protestors were protesting. You believe in violence against ISIS I bet?

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5 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

I'm a lover not a fighter, my brother. I'll accept violence in war by competing armed forces. That's about it. 

So the 'why' means nothing to you, only the 'how'. The 'why' means everything to me where as the 'how' is only moderately important.

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3 hours ago, Bormio said:

Anyone who went to Charlottesville this weekend was a blooming idiot.  

Anyone who goes to Charlottescille in general is an idiot... 

Anywhere outside Of Virginia Beach is a no go zone for me... The state of Virginia itself is arguably questionable as a good place to live... 

Dont get me started on Richmond...

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6 hours ago, HawgGoneIt said:


It's all ignorance. 

And a damned shame. 


6 hours ago, World Citizen said:

Wtf?  People invite so much hatred into their lives and it's a choice and a stupid one at that.  

Cars running people over


Hatred and Stupidity go hand in hand

Stupidity comes from the lack of understanding. And The lack of understanding fuels Hatred  which creates an endless loop of Voluntary Ignorance... 

And I call it Voluntary for a reason 

Ignorance  and Stupidity are different and this is something I learned from one of my encounters with my father.  

Ignorance- means you don't know. You have No clue. For example sometimes people can be ignorant to the fact that they are doing something wrong. 

Stupidity- You know its wrong and you know there is nothing on this earth that will ever make it right but you do it anyway. 

Now here comes Voluntary Ignorance. 

A mix of Stupid and Ignorance. 

Its when you know what you're doung us wrong or its not right and you have a gut feeling thats its wrong but you refuse to learn you dont wanna learn and you continue to act in the wrong way. That is Voluntary Ignorance or just plain damn stupid. 


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As far as this goes... 

This is Stupid. Split our nation up more... 

Thats what we need more hatred because you dont get enough of it. 

Black,White,Asian,Hispanic it doesnt matter what your color is. 

Hatred does not need to be spread any further amongst any color. 

If you believe that the tone of your skin  makes you better than someone who is a different color than you.

Then you're a damn fool. Thats your excuse for Hatred? Your skin tone. Then you are a sad Son of a Bitch. 

You cant be against Hatred when you're full of it yourself. 


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8 minutes ago, TheRealCAJ said:

trump, really struggles when it comes to putin and white supremacists........he just won't go there.

Really odd.

It isn't really odd when you think about it.  Trump doesn't have the ability to hide what he is even if he was so inclined.  He also has a history of racist and discriminatory actions.  Add his treatment of Obama and him not being born here.  

What is odd is that people still support him.  

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