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Barringer (NJ) vs. Champagnat Catholic (FL)


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Like i said in another thread, the coach wanted to come to Florida to showcase their quarterback. I tweeted the FloridaHSFootball.com twitter handle that they needed a host. 

Champagnat agreed so that's how it happened. The coach told me he wanted to go to South Florida so they can visit the 3 colleges down there (FAU, Miami and FIU)


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The game was in a lightning delay in the 3rd quarter with the score 53-12. 

The coaches decided to scrap the 3rd quarter and start the 4th quarter in a running clock. And it finished that way. 

A coach for Champagnat that i spoke to said the stud QB for Barringer was physically impressive but mentally he stunk. Said he wasn't doing anything to motivate the team. Said there was a fumble closest to him and he didn't even try and go after it. He was blaming his o-line and receivers for errors 

Not a good look when the team you want to go to (Miami) is at the game to watch you 

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yes the game got stop 2 times for lighting, they considered one of the delays a halftime and ended the 2 and 3rd quarter early because of the delays. the game was not competitive at all! there was a pick 6 that was thrown straight to the DE on a qb sack  and a 12 yard jump ball throw that gave barringer the 2 scores. but i dont know what all the hype was on that qb, not sure what UM was thinking offering him.

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