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SOOOOOOO, you think you have a great sports program?


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I have seen where Allen has the 50,000 seat stadium that lasted a year before it collapsed! I've seen the new digs at West Monroe! I've seen the new indoor digs at schools adjacent to Katy! And everybody knows the lengths that BG goes to, to recruit the best from far and wide! THAT being said, I wonder how many can compare to the TOTAL athletic infrastructure of say,...............................THE COLQUITT COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL PACKERS? For a small rural county in SOWEGA, they don't do badly with what they have!

FIRST of all, they have a new state of the art high school, with TONS of acreage to expand as needed!(lets get THAT elephant outta the room FIRST) EDUCATION IS JOB ONE! In addition, many feeder schools were renovated prior to the new facilities being put into place! NOW to the GOOD STUFF! 

As you all probably know, Colquitt county sports a new 120 yd. indoor practice facility, with accompanying 120 yd. outdoor Sprinturf practice field and accompanying track facility, adjacent to the IPF! THEN, a short walk down the street is the new 30,000 sq. foot coaches offices/weight room facility! Moving a little further down the street to the main building of Colquitt County High School! Is the new 3500 seat, two tier Colquitt County Packer gymnasium! Taking a short walk from the new IPF, one will see the two soccer fields/football practice fields with accompanying spectator seating! A short walk behind these fields, is the state of the art Colquitt Co. Packer tennis courts! Yet a short walk from there, is the state of the art Colquitt County baseball/softball complex at PACKER PARK!(Voted several years ago by the Atlanta Dugout Club, as the best baseball facility in the state) This facility provides top notch fields with warning tracks, drainage system, and adjacent practice fields for both teams! The facility also comes with an indoor batting cage for the Packers, and accompanying press box/restrooms/refreshment stands for both sports! The play by play for the Packers is also routinely aired on local radio! The baseball field also comes equipped with enclosed bullpen areas for home and visitor's! And down the left field line of the baseball field, one will find a covered grilling area, picnic area, restroom facilities, and running water, where fans can relax and watch their Packers do their thing! This area also comes equipped with outdoor electrical plugs so fans can plug in to listen to the game!

Across town, we trek to MACK THARPE Memorial Stadium, affectionately known to locals as the HOG PEN! Home of the BAD to da BONE Rush ProPst Packers, 2015 National Champions! Mack Tharpe isn't quite state of the art YET, BUT! It's coming! As it is, it's ranks as one of the top ten venues in the state of Georgia, at 8,000 seats! The stadium is equipped with two press boxes, two scoreboards, two play clocks, and Sprinturf field! Every game(EXCEPT FRICKING BROOKWOOD) will be broadcast of the local 100,000 watt FM station, 93.9! There is a pre and post game radio show, interviewing the coach and players! There is also a two hour pregame tailgate show, highlighting high school/college/and pro! With a pregame coaches scouting report of the upcoming opponent! After the game, there is a two and a half hour scoreboard show, put on by TOMMY PALMER, which airs throughout the state! The range of the Moultrie station is approx. 100 miles! Moving right along, Moultrie also sports a fifteen mile running and bike path, that goes through the city to the airport and return! This path is equipped with two surfaces, asphalt and dirt! There are covered rest points along the path, with benches and water fountains! Moving back into the city, about two blocks from Mack Tharpe! We see the state of the art indoor/outdoor Olympic diving facility, with adjacent pool, and adjacent tennis courts! The diving facility credo is, DIVE WITH CHAMPIONS! Kids from all over the East Coast have transferred to Colquitt, to dive for the renown diving coaches at Colquitt! Virtually every serious diving team in the ACC/SEC has signed at least one Colquitt County Packer diver, men or women! The Moss Diving facility was training home for the 1996 USA Diving teams!

OOOOPS, almost forgot to mention Colquitt Co. football's certified trainer, two physicians, a tractor trailer for both the band, and the mobile training facility for road games!

As you can see, Colquitt county AIN'T ALL about FOOTBALL! As Ruffi likes to say! We just a buncha tiny lil HAWGS!

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It is a pretty nice stretch to stroll down on that trail, from Lower Meigs Rd. Parking area to Mack Tharpe. Fairly shaded 90% of the way. 

I guess it isn't too bad of a stretch to walk from that parking area to Susie Q's, just more open for the sun to cook you. The Country Club is not unpleasant for a backdrop on a lot of that stroll.

From about Sunset School on to the airport is not bad either. Nicely shaded most of the way. 

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