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Grayson fans ? About IMG.


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5 minutes ago, HooverOutlaw said:

When you played them did they bring a band, cheerleaders, flag girls, majorettes etc? The reason ask I was told at some of their road games they may only bring 70 paying fans? If so that could be a real gate killer.


I think that is the reality with IMG. Only family and friends are travelling with the team. Hell, they don't look to have a lot of fans at home games. I wouldn't think you should expect a good gate with them from either end. Home or away.

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1 minute ago, HawgGoneIt said:


I know they have A FAN. He was coming on here, or DJ's site or both and wearing us out on the hypocrisy stuff on transfers etc. Idk what happened to him now that I think of it. 


Fan(s) is probably a stretch for sure though. xD

Pretty sure that ascender fan guy was Barton

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To answer your question, I was surprised a little that they had as many fans as they did.  But then they had some Atlanta/Gwinnett people on the team.  If I had to guess, I'd say 200 or less.  You definitely won't be making any money off of them buying tickets.  It will depend on if there are any local kids on the team.  It's all about the prestige of being their next victim.  :D

If they've still got that massive line (bigger than the Falcons last year) it will be a long night.

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