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ATTN: All you Left Wing Whackos in Cali!


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Who still have LUUUUVED ones in North Korea! If you have any communications with your homies, you MAY wanna tell them to talk with their foolish lil fat ass leader, Kim Jung Dung! To tone down his rhetoric about blowing up U. S. aircraft in INTERNATIONAL airspace! Because thirty seconds after those planes hit the ground! Your homies will be a greasy spot in the Korean countryside!

At this writing, there are no fewer than THREE United States Carrier Attack groups in theater! ALL of which comprise no fewer than a dozen warships, all capable of delivering Cruise Missiles! And each of those three carriers, are equipped with no fewer than sixty of the greatest fighter aircraft on the planet! THEN, you have the fighter/bomber support groups from South Korea, Japan, and Guam! And lets not go to the nuclear option just yet! Tell your lil hot head to go back into his hole, before it's FAR too late!

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