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Week 5 LSWA Polls


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1. West Monroe (6) 4-0 LW: 1
2. John Curtis (3) 3-1 LW: 2
3. Evangel (1) 2-1 LW: 3
4. Archbishop Rummel 3-0 LW: 4
5. Acadiana 4-0 LW: 5
6. Scotlandville 4-0 LW: 6
7. Barbe 4-0 LW: 7
8. Zachary 3-1 LW: 8
9. Covington 4-0 LW: 9
10. Catholic-BR 3-1 LW: NR

Others Receiving Votes
Ruston, St. Amant, Sulphur, John Ehret, East Ascension, Ouachita Parish, Hahnville, Destrehan

1. Warren Easton (9) 3-0 LW: 2
2. McDonogh #35 3-1 LW: 3
3. Benton (1) 4-0 LW: 4
4. Plaquemine 3-1 LW: 5
5. St. Thomas More 3-1 LW: 1
6. Vandebilt Catholic 4-0 LW: 6
7. Edna Karr 3-1 LW: 8
8. Lakeshore 4-0 LW: 9
9. Neville 2-2 LW: NR
10. Rayne 3-0 LW: NR

Others Receiving Votes
Carencro, Teurlings Catholic, Woodlawn-SHR, Leesville, Northwood-SHR, G.W. Carver

1. De La Salle (6) 3-0 LW: 1
2. University Lab (3) 4-0 LW: 3
3. St. Charles Catholic 4-0 LW: 4
4. Sterlington (1) 4-0 LW: 5
5. West Feliciana 3-1 LW: 2
6. Iowa 4-0 LW: 6
7. St. James 4-0 LW: 7
8. Jena 4-0 LW: 8
9. Union Parish 3-1 LW: NR
10. Northwest 3-1 LW: NR

Others Receiving Votes
Donaldsonville, Berwick, Jennings, Richwood, Albany

1. Notre Dame (9) 3-0 LW: 1
2. Amite (1) 3-0 LW: 2
3. Welsh 3-0 LW: 6
4. Riverside Academy 1-2 LW: 4
5. Ferriday 4-0 LW: 7
6. Mangham 4-0 LW: 8
7. Catholic-NI 3-1 LW: 3
8. Many 2-2 LW: 5
9. Ascension Episcopal 4-0 LW: 10
10. St. Helena 3-1 LW: NR

Others Receiving Votes
Dunham, Kinder, Newman, Northeast, Episcopal

1. Logansport (9) 4-0 LW: 1
2. Kentwood (1) 3-1 LW: 2
3. Opelousas Catholic 3-1 LW: 3
4. Lafayette Christian 4-0 LW: 5
5. Haynesville 2-2 LW: 4
6. Oak Grove 3-1 LW: 6
7. Ouachita Christian 3-1 LW: 7
8. Elton 3-0 LW: 9
9. Oberlin 3-1 LW: 8
10. Covenant Christian 4-0 LW: 10

Others Receiving Votes
Cedar Creek, St. Mary's, Ascension Catholic, Varnado, Catholic-PC

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On PAPER Warren Easton and John Curtis should be a great game Friday night.

Easton and Curtis have 2 common opponents:

Curtis 27 Landry Walker 18

Curtis 34 Brother Martin 0


Warren Easton 14 Landry-Walker 12

Warren Easton 29 Brother Martin 0



Warren Easton is stacked and look exactly what you would expect a stacked team to look like nationally.

"IF" they can play in control, limit the number of mistakes on special teams, and not give up the big run Easton has a legit shot. Curtis is Steady Eddie though and will grind for 48.

Should be interesting either way.


Riverside vs De La Salle will be great too......

West Monroe vs Neville should be good even though Neville is down a little this year. You can't ever count them out.



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some interesting rivalry games and some just interesting to separate the pretenders and contenders this week down on the Bayou...

from 5A:

Jesuit at Holy Cross (one of the oldest rivalries in the state)

Warren Easton at John Curtis

John Ehret at Chalmette

Live Oak at Denham Springs

Scotlandville  at Walker

Zachary at University Lab

and the 2 I'm most interested in:

Barbe at Acadiana

West Monroe at Neville

throw the record books out when the Rebs and Tigers get together, there is no love between these schools/fan bases.  We haven't played each other in the regular season since 2010, most highly anticipated game in the Monroe area for quite a while.  McCarty seems to have righted the ship over on Forsythe Ave as the Tigers have settled on an identity with the QB and power run game.  Got to get there early if you want a seat, the Tigers visitor's will barely hold West Monroe's band.  At least we'll fill it up unlike Carroll from last week, this game would make Neville's season ^_^






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.Curtis vs. Warren Easton.

Who’s the best large school team in the New Orleans area? These two teams, along with Rummel, have made a strong case so far this season.

The Patriots have been ranked No. 1 in The New Orleans Advocate Super 10 all season long, and the Eagles are currently ranked third.

Curtis is coming off its first shutout since 2014, but the chances of getting another one this week are highly unlikely against Lance Legendre and the explosive Eagles.

The Eagles aren’t in the Catholic League, but they could crown themselves kings of the Catholic League if they win this one. They already have victories over Brother Martin and Jesuit this season.

A Patriots win here and they likely won’t get tested again until the Oct. 27 date with Rummel.

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51 minutes ago, TheRealCAJ said:

should play every year.

really couldn't agree more, I'm afraid the only reason we got this series is Neville's district lost 2 teams in the reclassification and they couldn't find anyone who would agree to play them much less come to their place...

will be a great gate for them xD

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10 hours ago, Reb72 said:

really couldn't agree more, I'm afraid the only reason we got this series is Neville's district lost 2 teams in the reclassification and they couldn't find anyone who would agree to play them much less come to their place...

will be a great gate for them xD

Whaaaaat....You mean Neville got bored of beating Airline for free Power Points? 😁

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West Monroe vs Neville during the modern era...

(2010) West Monroe 34...Neville 07 @ Neville
(2009) West Monroe 30...Neville 27 @ West Monroe
(2000) West Monroe 35...Neville 00 @ West Monroe
(1999) West Monroe 48...Neville 14 @ Neville
(1998) West Monroe 34...Neville 00 @ West Monroe
(1997) West Monroe 28...Neville 06 @ Neville
(1996) West Monroe 26...Neville 20 @ West Monroe **(OT)
(1995) Neville 29...West Monroe 20 @ Neville
(1994) Neville 17...West Monroe 14 @ ULM
(1993) West Monroe 27...Neville 20 @ West Monroe
(1992) Neville 14...West Monroe 13 @ West Monroe
(1991) Neville 26...West Monroe 00 @ Neville
(1990) Neville 35...West Monroe 28 @ West Monroe **(2 OT)
(1989) Neville 14...West Monroe 06 @ Neville

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West Monroe is 3 or 4 TDs greater than Neville if they can close. WM seems to be struggling closing people out. 

Rummel plays Shaw Saturday and is 7 or 8 TDs greater. Every kid on the roster should see a series or three. Not because Rummel is so great, but because Shaw is so so terrible.


Easton vs Curtis is the interesting game of the week in NOLA. I can't remember them ever playing before.

Curtis may prove to be too much for the Eastons. If I was Easton's HC though I'd throw 15-20 bombs tonight. Even if they only hit on 5 or 6 of them it's better than trying to drive the field vs Curtis. Grayson could barely do it. 

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