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Creekside should be landing in cali any minute now


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5 minutes ago, OldTerrapin said:

really ? They look like a bunch of kids on a plane to me.. what does ready and battle tested look like anyway?  I would like to see some scars and maybe some black eyes or something..

Difference on perspective.  They are smiling and not thinking that they are playing the #1 team in the nation. 

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4 hours ago, HurricaneNick said:

Sorry Mr. Grown up. You’re a Gorman homer, so I apologize for my assumption.  Who is #1? It certainly isn’t a team that gave up 42 to an unranked team but we both know that. Looking forward to your answer! 

It’s too early to tell, but it’s certainly not a team who couldn’t even win the Southern Sectional Championship last year. BTW, has MD played anyone with a winning record so far?

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5 minutes ago, RedZone said:

...steeler01/2 will have 200 posts by halftime of this game. It doesn't matter what the score is. 😂



1-mater haze is delivering body blows.

2-Creekside is too small up front.

3-Creekside RBs are too slow.

4-mater haze with a beautiful pass downfield.

5-Creekside has no defense.

6-3rd and 17 for Creekside, they should punt 

7-Creekside has no kicking game..

8-mater haze is dominating every aspect of the game.

9-Creekside is poorly coached.

10-another bomb for mater haze.


.............9 minutes left in the first quarter. 😂👍



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