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Don Bosco Preparatory 0 @ The St. Joseph Regional 21 Final


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gonna be a good one.  Looking forward to see how SJR OL / DL does vs Bosco.  been impressed with Grusser and his calm demeanour running the offense.  Think SJR has the better offense but this is first real test for both O & D for SJR.  as usual depth plays a role at SJR and hoping the time the second unit kids in particular on defence got from playing a lot in NC and Ohio pays off against Bosco on a timely basis.  looking forward to Saturday....stoked its being Streamed.  lets get after it .....#Vir Fidelis  

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29 minutes ago, SJR89 said:

I am gonna go SJR 28- 20 over bosco.  also have no clue.....could be flipped for Bosco.  we are healthy and in sync on offense.  Like our chances and like the changes Marangi has made since last years debacle.  

Which bosco are you gonna get , week 0  bosco or week 1 bosco,  I think we know what sjr is gonna bring to the table, also this is a rivalry, so everything gets thrown out window on this one

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11 minutes ago, Mickeybern said:

wow  big spread. If that happens there will be some soul searching in Ramsey

Idk I’m not sold on the secondary or QB play. , joes got the man power and athletes , who knows , Bosco also has a solid team, but wasn’t consistent in the first game, 


just remember a lot of these years we were forced to run run run even with teams stacking the box, this year we got the QB and playbook to counter a lot of what the defense is throwing at us


also can’t see bosco scoring more then 3 TDS on our defense 

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  • FreeBird changed the title to Don Bosco SJR Game of The Week 1pm Sat Kickoff
On 9/7/2023 at 9:00 PM, FreeBird said:

My question is can joes afford to double team That Thomas the tank engine kid on that Dline, other then him who else is a real threat on the Dline

The threat on Bosco’s D line is Lamont Lester. That's who Joe's will have to worry about, he and Jayden Brown will be super active 

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On 9/5/2023 at 8:09 PM, I AM IRONMAN said:

Thoughts? @taojoe @SJR 04 @SJR89 @DBP66

don't really know enough about Joe's to hazard a guess here, but...in recent years Bosco's secondary has been a weak link, and if Joe's QB and WRs can exploit it, they'll probably win.  The Bosco freshman playing safety though, even though it's early, looks like the best skill freshman Bosco's had since Peppers.  Just hope he stays longer than Jabrill did.

With the Don Bosco Sabellas you never know which team is going to show up.  They've come up small in lots of games during his tenure, especially OOS, but this one's in-state so we'll see.

Their new qb took a step forward last week, but he'll be dealing with a level of intensity here several orders of magnitude greater than anything he dealt with at Central Regional.

Any storms in the forecast up there?

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  • FreeBird changed the title to Don Bosco Preparatory 0 @ The St. Joseph Regional 21 Final

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