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Official game day drink thread


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Stopped in at Listermann the other day, and they had one of the best line-ups I've seen in a while. 

I had:

"99 Problems, but a beer ain't one" - classic NE Ipa. Very Solid.

Allen's Experimental Pumpkin Pie Spiced Stout- pretty solid for a Pumpkin spiced Stout. Better than most pumpkin beers.

Midnight Maple Berry - Barrel aged imperial Stout with maple and berries. Very good. Like breakfast chocolate and berries. 

Coffee Jingle - a coffee and vanilla flavored mead. Very different but I really liked it. 

And my favorite of the bunch......

Operation Flintlock:Coconut S'mores - a coffee Stout with coconut smores. So good. 


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Thinking of recent beer drinking with my wife’s cousin and we tried Boatswain double IPA and a hazy IPA I think the names were.  They are sold at Trader Joe’s.  

I liked the hazy IPA better. The reviews aren’t very solid on these brands, but I thought both were good and of course what matters most is your personal taste.  The Cuz enjoyed Yueng lings and crap Mexican beer in the past, but he stepped up his game to enjoy flavor this visit on our home turf in FL vs NC.  

Aldi: German beer selection. My advice, pass… on them all.   Not sure if I brought this up prior.  Costco’s Kirkland brand is hit or miss for me in the past, but mostly like.  

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One of my Yankee neighbors brought me a six pack of this.  Said it was brewed in Michigan.  Said it would pull the Dawgs thru tomorrow against LSU.  Said the Wolverines wanted another shot at us.  I don't believe it's poison.  I'll let you know.  Go You Hairy Dawgs !!!!





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15 hours ago, Bodysurf said:

Tis the season!




15 hours ago, 15yds4gibberish said:

I had this one last Friday.  I give it the Siskel and Ebert 👍👍

Note to self… check Total Wine and Liquors this coming week.  

Note on Sam Adams Octoberfest.  They fucked it up!  Flavor change oooof.  Awful.  Forgot to mention awhile back.   👎 

Now to DVR.  Its WC finals time.  :) 

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