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Vegas shooting


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1 minute ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

They said police believe this wasn’t  a terroristic attack, so wat do u call it

They probably mean it was not organized or motivated by an international terrorist organization. The actual killing was an act of terror, though; no doubt about that.

One can only guess at, and wonder what could have motivated an individual to do this. Surely he knew he was killing a lot of innocent people. No matter how you have been wronged, real or perceived, nothing can justify this kind of behavior. 

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Just now, TheRealCAJ said:

Sounds like you are ready for it. I know meme boy (aka concha) is.

He lives for this 


I'm ready for it because the same crap is rehashed after every shooting by certain people. Let's help the families first before the idiots in hollywood and washington open their mouths.

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Get ready for this conspiracy already some one posted






Route 91 "Harvest" festival.. A shooter 'harvested' souls. 91 is a prominent occult/freemasonic number

Shooter was on the 32nd floor...there's 32 degrees in freemasonry

he was 64.. 4 'cubed' is 64... 4x4x4 = 64. Saturn Matrix/Cube/3 dimensions

This a false flag up the fucking ass. Only the blind don't peep”







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Hey, I will "politicize" it, as follows. We do pay a price for allowing the existence of loopholes that allow criminals and mentally unstable individuals to be able to legally purchase firearms. Proper background checks and the closing of certain "gun show" loopholes,  could reduce the incidence of certain individuals obtaining arsenals. Likewise, some kind of enhanced tracking system could alert authorities to when an individual or group of individuals are stocking up on an unusual number of military type firearms. On the flip side of this,  there is the argument that this would be too much government intrusion and that it would limit the right of the individual to bear arms. 

As a society we make choices that involve trade-offs. One such trade-off is the periodic mass murder that could be prevented. As long as we can acknowledge this, then all is well. If at some stage the loss of life takes precedence, then we can rationally change the rules without materially impacting the right to bear arms. 

I am out on this topic. The loss of life is sad, very sad indeed.

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