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Texas Tech University police officer fatally shot, campus on lockdown


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8 hours ago, dbcaptiron said:

OH BTW....

The Killer...

Nathan Marshall



The victim...

Marques Johnson and his wife.(Austin Police Department)




HMMMmmmm.......Black on Black murder again....shocker...Maybe he was just mad because this 'uncle Tom' was with a white girl.



See how classy your type of posts are??  Felt I had to reply tho, otherwise you'd have 20 posts in your own thread with no one replying... 

White guy shoots cop and you get stupid. That the way it works?

You are pretty much a damn idiot too, but you know that.

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I just got back from Lubbock for 3 days my mom was in the hospital out there.

And I stayed across the street at a hotel from the Texas Tech Stadium and that's right by where the T.T. police station is.

What's crazy about this he is this guy was already accused of stealing a gun and the police drag their ass before they even go check on him.

And this is after he shot a hole in dorm wall.

 Anyway when they go to check on him at his dorm room they already know this is a gun situation because of the stolen gun  claim and he fired a shot in the wall. Besides that they found drugs there too.

I guess they take him in the Texas Tech Police Department don't even search him.

He pulls out a gun shoots a cop in the head. This really seems like they dropped the ball.

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