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Let’s go Yankees


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3 minutes ago, legendsofthefall said:

Baby Bombers are killing it. Starting to look more like '96 with every game.

No I only  Mabe one or 2 Yankees current Yankees do cocaine where the 96 team the MVP for the team was powdered cocaine.... they actually slid head first so they didn’t Damage the Coke vials in thier back pockets 

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1 minute ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

There’s only been like 3-5 games the whole season the Yankees were not in a close game ... every single game that they lost it was a nail biter 

They play better when their backs are against the wall. Something special is brewing. They've already exceeded expectations for this season but let's finish the deal.

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20 hours ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Let’s go 

Fuck the Astros 

fuck u @TheRealCAJ


@ORabidOne fuck u to u like 76 years old

If I live THAT long, I'll be able to observe Colquitt's FIVE YEAR REIGN OF TERROR!:)

And GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stros! Few realize that I've been a Houston fan forEVER! We use to get the Houston Colt 45's on WWL radio in Nawlins! THAT and the Moultrie Colt 22's were OUR FARM team! The Toy Cannon Jimmy Wynn, Bob Aspromonte, and Joe Morgan, who played in Moultrie against Mario Cuomo and his Brunswick Pirates!O.o

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