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WHO was it who said, stupid IS as stupid does?


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Are you SHITTIN ME? Where do these Left Wing whacko media types come from? You can't FIX STUPID! A question was posed Friday in the White House press briefing! About why the President was requesting Generals to come out of retirement? REALLY? It's an effort to replace/support all of the military leaders in the current Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, to provide quality leadership! Until such times as the current lack thereof is brought up to speed! Leadership has fallen off greatly during the past eight years of the Obana Administration! Due to sequestration and general reluctance to train officers in an adequate manner! Instead of the time tested rendition of a several month long training regime, for the various disciplines! In the past, these officers were subjected to lil or NO formal training outside of basics! Whatever knowledge that they received, was through a DVD, to be utilized at their leisure! The Left Wing media needs to get it's head outta it's ass, and get with the REAL comings and goings of the country! And not be complicit, trying to drive a particular narrative, to encumber this president!

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