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2018 Corky Kell Classic Game Line-Up...


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The games for next years Corky Kell have been announced...


Thursday; Aug 16th @ Rome HSs Stadium

(4A)Ridgeland vs. (3A)Calhoun - 5:30pm

(7A) Marietta vs. (5A)Rome - 8:45pm (This is a bad ass matchup)


Friday; Aug 17th @ Georgia St. Stadium

(5A)Buford vs. (6A)Tucker - 5:30pm

(7A)Archer vs. (7A)Milton - 8:30pm


Saturday; Aug 18th @ the Falcons Mercedes-Benz Dome

(5A)Kell vs. (7A)East Coweta - 9am (My school representing!)

(7A)Brookwood vs. (7A)North Gwinnett - 11:45am

(7A)McEachern vs. (7A)Colquitt Co. - 2:45pm

(7A)Mill Creek vs. (7A)Walton - 5:45pm

(7A)Norcross vs. (6A)Mays - 8:45pm


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45 minutes ago, ATLien12x said:

Much better Corky Kell next year. Rome vs Marietta - Tucker vs Buford- Mill creek vs Walton and Colquitt vs McEachern. Lot of really good games 

Yeah they definitely spiced it up a little.

Even Kell vs East Coweta is interesting..

 To me atleast, haha.


Brookwood vs North Gwinnett is a solid game. Not sure how good Brookwood will be but North Gwinnett appears like they are back under new HC Bill Stewart.

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