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Curtis 42 Rummel 34 Final


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9 hours ago, HawgGoneIt said:

It seems like Rummel just can't quite get over the hump this year.


We did some things really really well last night and we did some things very very poor as well.

Rummel, is a little above average at best this year.

When your score 34 on Curtis and rack up over 350 yards total offense you can't fault the offense especially when you are banged up. 

Pitiful tackling though last night as a whole and no clue how to defend the counter option. 

We were going to have to outscore Curtis to win and came up short.

Hope we meet in the playoffs again.




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3 hours ago, TheRealCAJ said:

There was, but I didn't really see a point in posting it.

It was a pretty decent game. Lots of quality offense. Both teams with huge plays. Curtis just had more of them at the end.


Always post the links man. 

If I'm where I can click around and watch any of the teams we discuss on here I do. 

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