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B.C.'s schedule next year....


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You gotta schedule Grayson in 2018&2019... afterwards they're gonna be in a rebuild phase...

Colquitt brings back alot from this years team.... Colquitt also has some Starpower coming in from their younger squads... 2018-2023 I fully expect Colquitt to dominate 7A... there will only be 3/4 teams thatll be up to par:




Marietta-Watch them... There QB got injured and that hurt their offense but Harrison Bailey is the real deal... he's a sophomore but he started varsity in 9th grade... at the end of his freshman year he had 29 offers... now he has 34. 

They have the Ojulari's. As well as a few highly recruited Defensive Athletes. Marietta is a 7A Buford they have Open enrollment meaming you do not have to live in the school zone to go there. But you mist have reliable transportation to attend as well as good grades. And they have the old Oscar Smith(VA) coach... 

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1 minute ago, GardenStateBaller said:

It's not about the matchup. It's about getting better because of the experience. Getting trounced by MD actually helped BC this season. Believe it or not. 

It did. I agree but people on the board will continue to kill NJ football if they continue to lose OOS. Gotta get a couple of guarantee wins in there. ISB and such lol

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1 minute ago, TheRealCAJ said:

BC is 0-2 vs Curtis and Plant.

I don't think anyone really cares about BC honestly.

Just another overhyped team that's a BNU  fanboy favorite.

Being this forum has turned into a NJ and Georgia love fest let the drama begin.

They are. I didnt say they won playing those teams just said they played. Lost to plant i believe 13-7

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1 minute ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Haters will continue to hate regardless of how well NJ does OOS. Don't be so sensitive. It's part and parcel of what makes sports forums fun and addicting. 

Not gonna lie NJ gives me fits in the pickems... 

But aside from that my only gripe is that your State ASSociation is stupid and your playoff system needs a mercy killing and reconstruction. You also need a full 10 game schedule... 

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6 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

We all agree w you!! 

Here's what I would do merge the North NJ privates have a 7 school conference







Pope John 

And have 3 non-Conference and 7 -10 game schedule... take the top 6 and theres your playoff... 

For example... 

#1 SJR 

#2 DBP 

#3 SPP

#4 BC

#5 PC 

#6 Pope John

The #1 plays #6...  

#2 plays #4 

#3 plays #5 

The winner of the #1/#6 seed gets a bye round... 


I mean its a work in progress I could come up with simething better but y'all are the best NJ has...  


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