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What's with the mindset of these college coaches?


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I watched Middle Tennessee State against Marshall last night!(DVR) And in the pregame, they were talking about Ty Lee being MTS FASTEST player! And we get into the game, and all of a sudden, they start talking about another receiver being their MAIN MAN! That he needs to get targeted at LEAST 15-20 times, for MTS to have a chance against then 5-1 Marshall! Only thing IS though, this dude ain't SPIT, compared to the former Mr. Lightning of Colquitt County! FAST forward, and the MAIN MAN gets about ten targets(five receptions for fifty yards or so), to Ty's TWO targets(ONE reception for 25 yds.) before Main MAN goes down with an injury! To make a LOOOOOONG story short! With the WHOLE Marshal secondary now defending Ty Lee for the next quarter and a half! Lee has ONLY five targets with three receptions, for a HUNNERED YARDS!(TWO of um, HIGHLIGHT CLIPS)

And THIS type of bullshit prejudice toward the LIL GUY, is being echoed all over the Southeast and Midwest! Some of our best players EVER, rarely see the field!(Tevin King, Siheim King, Kiel Pollard, Ty Lee, and the TE who went to FUCKING INDIANA) EVERYBODY is SOOOO obsessed with SIZE! And lack of size is why they are sidelined! Our guys are a tad undersized compared to the HGH specimens around the country! But you can't measure HEART unless you give um a FUCKING CHANCE!

HELL, look at the immeasurable with Chase Parrish versus our SUPER MAN from Michigan! On PAPER, ain't NO way in HELL that ANY QB in Colquitt HISTORY, measures up to the one we have NOW! Only thing IS those, he's 7-3! While ONE of those others went 30-0 and a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! And two OTHERS were Prep ALL AMERICANS! As Coach ProPst likes to say! Those kids had the 'IT' factor! Maybe not studs on paper, but in their HEARTS, they were CHAMPIONS!

C'MON HEAD COACHES, open up your eyes to the REAL DEAL, and not rely upon these primo donnas who are on the field, who are helping you to find ANOTHER VOCATION!

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