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Sleepers in the GHSA 7A playoffs!


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5 hours ago, ECHS05 said:

South Forsyth hasnt lost.

Except for, like you said, the forfeit game that they actually won 56-10.

Now that I have your attention! What in the HELL is wrong with you people at East Coweta, not allowing prayer by your COACHES? It made NATIONAL FRICKIN NEWS today on FOX NEWS!

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8 hours ago, Dustin Statham said:

Milton had a ton of transfers move in to play.

SHOCKER! NOBODY in metro can compete with us, withOUT those transfers! Marietta and Brookwood have the same deal! And the GHSA continues to walk around with it's thumb up it's ass! "We don't have the manpower to investigate schools with transfers!" BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Well, HERE'S a THOUGHT! Investigate the ones with TEN TRANSFERS!

HELL, just HOW difficult would it have been in 2016, to determine that Kurt Taylor's dear ole DAD rented an apartment in the Grayson district? Only to be evicted two months later, due to non rental payments? And THEN, lil Kurt poses with Jim Harbaugh on his bed in COVINGTON, two days after the season is over, and after he had withdrawn from GRAYSON! It was like, PISS ON THE GHSA, look what I DID, and YOU can't do ANYTHING about it! Kinda like HILLS and her lil band of DEM misfits!

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