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What say you about having all PRIVATE schools in the state, play in 7A? After ALL, it's ludicrous that they be permitted to play in the lower bush leagues, with the advantages of recruiting from areas of 400,000 plus! HELL, 3/4 of the private schools in the STATE are in SINGLE A, and NONE above AAAA! Yet they draw from talent pools ten times greater than the average 7A school's pool of 45,000! Do you think that it's a coinkidink, that AA Benedictine RARELY loses against any size competition? And the REST of Chatham county and it's metro, are a FUCKING TRAIN WRECK? The only OTHER decent team in that area in awhile, was when the QB at Miss State was at Richmond Hill!

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5 hours ago, HawgGoneIt said:

I'm not totally sure that I like that idea. Mainly because I think depth makes quite a bit of difference over top end talent normally. 

If the privates are having enough kids on their sideline to put them over 4A then I can agree with it. Not one of them can compete with the best schools in 7A. 

You don't think that Benedictine can compete? They routinely whack Glynn Academy! And teams like Buford, in a town of 12,000, routinely dresses over a hunnered players! And THEY, along with Rome, are PRIVATE without the burdensome tuition! And Eagles Landing Christian in SINGLE A, just beat Eagles Landing, 50-7! And E. L. gave 9-1 Jones County a REAL scare two weeks ago!

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4 hours ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

Thats a terrible Idea.... 

Plain and Simple.... 

I'll tell you lil story about supposed small private schools, not being able to compete with the big boys! I trekked to Nashville in 1996, to watch lil Brentwood Academy play the Alaska State Champions, Chugiak! Brentwood beat the SHIT out of um, 48-0! And Brentwood went on to win the Tennessee big school state championship! And Brentwood Academy had 325 students, 93 of which were on their varsity football team!

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