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On 11/8/2021 at 8:30 AM, Ararar said:

Story is free to read

this was among the upsets MD did that had National Title implications, other upsets MD did were Bishop Amat in 1994, also beating Los Al in the same 1994 season in a huge playoff game at the Big A, LB Poly in 1998, and Bosco 2018, i guess Bosco beating MD in 2019 was revenge against MD due to all of the upsets MD did in the Rollo era.

However, its interesting and fun to speculate, that if Elias Ricks hadn't transferred to IMG for his Senior year, if he had stayed at MD for his senior year, i forget the other names but MD lost a key DB to transfer in the 2019 offseason, i think he transferred to Narbonne, and MD had a key injured player in the second half, then MD would have easily had a 3-peat.

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On 11/7/2021 at 1:30 AM, 1901VeniceCub said:

A Saturday Night CIF SS Playoff Special...

Loyola goes down to The OC and returns to LA as 35-14 victors. 

The Cubs will host Undefeated 11-0 Etiwanda at Smith Field Friday Night. 






even though Loyola is a private, parochial school, it is among the couple of Cali schools, public or private, that have won a Natty in their HS programs history, which Loyola did in 1975.

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I love that Mater Dei fans are always thinking about Loyola. 

Loyola came up short tonight. 28-21 to yet another undefeated team. Came up with an awesome 4th down stop with under a minute to go. Tried to tie the game and go to OT, but threw an INT. Tough. 

I honestly do not know how many squads (All-Star level or not) would win a league championship and battle it out in the playoffs with their starting QB going down for the year in Week 1, but that's exactly what Loyola did. Just didn't get the job done tonight. 

Extremely proud of these young men, though. They fought until the bitter end. Some of these young men will never play the game again, but there will be a hefty handful of guys playing on Saturdays and beyond.

That's the Loyola way. True Scholar Ballers.

Best part for Loyola is, there is a ton of talent returning. 

Brick By Brick.




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