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HSFA "Bubbles"


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Something to talk about, I guess. Anyways,

Small Warren Easton recruiting update:

3* OL Caleb Etienne committed to Ole Miss recently...(6-6 306 lbs)


Ole Miss and Georgia are all over 4* OL Sedrick Van Pran....(6-4 305 lbs)


4* ATH Chester Kimbrough picked up a LSU offer couple days at the LSU camp.



No. 118 Lausanne Collegiate Lynx (Tennessee)

No. 119 Central Grizzlies (Fresno, California)

No. 120 Trinity Catholic Titans (Missouri)

No. 121 Warren Easton Eagles (Louisiana)

No. 122 Immokalee Indians (Florida)

No. 123 Helix Scotties (California)

No. 124 Wise Pumas (Maryland)

No. 125 Pinnacle Pioneers (Arizona)

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6 minutes ago, Horsefly said:

When are you going to release yours?

I thought itd be out by now, but Im having a lot of trouble finishing it. Ive put a lot of hours in it because I like to know exactly how many starters each team brings back... Hard to rank a team without knowing that.

So Ive been finding a game for the presumed top teams for every state, that either shows their starting lineup on-screen, or if not ... I pause the screen, write down all starting jersey #s and find out when they graduate. This has obviously taken a while but its something I continue to do in my free time. I have about 140 teams I have to narrow down to 100 also... And Im trying to get returning starter #s for all 140 teams.

I hope to have it out within the next 2 weeks ... Im done a lot of teams, but theres still a lot to go.


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36 minutes ago, Omaha Vol said:

Why is Lausanne,TN ranked so high? They are a small school private. The big privates  like BA, MBA, Ensworth, Memphis CB, and McCallie would wipe the floor with them. 

They have 7 with D1 or FCS offers includes APB Eric Gray retuning from IMG..Lausanne was (13-0) last year and won the D2 State Title.


Lausanne did beat Whitehaven last year....

Other than that, I don't know. I think maybe Fisher puts a lot of emphasis on state titles from the previous year and playoff runs.



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