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Florida guys...Lakeland.


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Lakeland looks to have some solid players next year.    Last few years they've beed pretty solid albeit not anywhere near where they were 10 or so years ago.    


Add to that 4*  2020 RB Demarckus Bowman https://247sports.com/Player/Demarkcus-Bowman-46048830, and I think 4* WDE Lloyd Summerall also transferred in from Auburndale.  https://247sports.com/Player/Lloyd-Summerall-46050017



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3 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

You can attend any school you desire outside of your zone as long as they have room for you. 

And if you are stud football player they will make room!!!

Copy. Hopefully that will take the edge off the IMGs but it will be hard for public’s to compete dollar wise and support wise. 

Neverthless better than nothing. 



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11 hours ago, Nolebull813 said:

Lakeland is starting to reap the benefits of the new laws in Florida that allow Publics to finally play by the same rules as the privates 

Wrong, as usual.

Lakeland has always had transfers. They've always had most of the best kids in Polk County.

You also got the new law spectacularly wrong.

It was meant to allow students to transfer to schools in other districts. All of these transfers mentioned are from Polk County.

So, Guccifer leaves for a bit and comes back to find that the same bozos are posting the same inaccurate information.


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1 minute ago, Columbiafan said:

He's the biggest hypocrite around here 

You are a fanboy and there's nothing hypocritical about posting facts about Lakeland transfers.

You so desperately want to be taken seriously here but that requires actual knowledge and insight of which you have neither.

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Just now, Columbiafan said:

At least I don't make a new account on every forum to defend my school by trolling other people 

I'm pretty sure you did make a new account on FlaVarsity so you're a liar as well as an uninformed clown.

It's not trolling either.

I stated a fact in this thread and you immediately ignored it so you could keep lying about me.


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