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Top Streaming Games - GameTime 9/28


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The best game we're covering tonight is Booker T. Washington vs. Bixby (Oklahoma). There are several top college recruits including 5-star safety Dax hill (Michigan commit) and cornerback  DJ Jones (Oklahoma State commit).  Hill is considered by many to be the top safety recruit in the nation.  Casteel vs. Higley (Arizona) will be another good game with several top recruits: 4-star Higley DE Ty Robinson who has received offers from AL, GA, Notre Dame & others. Casteel WR Khyheem Waleed has received offers from Oregon, Arizona & UCLA, and Gunner Cruz is a top-5 QB in Arizona and a Washington State commit. Also included a couple of links to our weekly high school football review and recruiting podcast... check them out and let us know what you think.  Have a great weekend!  

Live Streams:  https://www.yurview.com/live/

Weekly High Schol Football review:  https://www.yurview.com/featured/1st-and-10-mater-dei-knocks-off-img-mashburn-brothers-reuniting-at-memphis/

College recruiting podcast:  https://www.yurview.com/over-the-middle-podcast/jeff-sims/

9/28 @ 7pm MST/9pm CDT: Casteel vs. Higley (Arizona)


9/28 @ 7pm CDT:  Booker T. Washington vs. Bixby (Oklahoma)

9/28  @ 7:30pm CDT: Union vs. Mustang (OK)

9/28 @7pm CDT:  Elkhorn South vs. Millard South (Nebraska)

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