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I realize the Stetson Bennett Story has been done to death BUT...


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I'd like to tell the tale of another DAMN GOOD DAWG from Georgia. The Daijun Edwards Story.

I need to take you back to this eighth grade year. When he was having problems with his legs. And upon diagnosis from team doctors. It was discovered that the young Mr. Edwards was suffering from growth plate issues in his legs. I believe I'm correct when I say that either his muscles grew too fast for his bones. Or the other way around. At any rate, he had to undergo what was no doubt major surgery. And missed his entire eighth grade season. After rehabilitation, he entered his freshman season for the Colquitt Co. Packers, of MOULTRIE, Georgia. And there began his trek to becoming the best RB in Packer History. And one of the best in GEORGIA history. And the Packers have at least two RB, who have played in the NFL, and one wears a Super Bowl ring.

Anyhow, it's a chilly fall night in DEATH VALLEY in Valdosta, Ga. And freshman Daijun Edwards SHOWED OUT, to the tune of over 120 yds, against the future 6A State Champion Wildcats. His nineteen yard run through the teeth of the Wildcat D, was a thing of beauty, as he broke five tackles on the way to the score. Valdosta would finish the season, 14-1, and Daijun Edwards had left his mark, when it had been doubtful if he would ever play again. And NOW, GOD willing, as soon as he gets off the IR for them DAWGS. He is projected to be the co starter for the defending National Champions. 

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