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The master innovator, master manipulator, and master tactician: Valdosta's WRIGHT BAZEMORE.


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FIRST of all, let me give him his due. One of the greatest high school football coaches I've EVER seen. In fact, to show their admiration for his craft. He was inducted into the National High School Football Hall of Fame. He accentuated that time honored slogan of being able to beat yours with his. And also being able to beat his with yours. He was responsible for the initiation of a number of rules, set forth by the GHSA. Those of enforcing the non use of the fifth year senior. Where parents were encouraged to hold their lil lads back in the eighth grade, in order to make them bigger, faster, stronger. Thus, enhancing their chances to play at the next level. AND more importantly, enhancing Valdosta's chances at being undefeated at seasons end. He also started the ball rolling, regarding the procurement of various pieces parts, from around the area, and even from other states. They received assistance from at LEAST three OOS QB's who would later go on to play for Miss. St., Old Miss., and UGA.  They even borrowed a punter from Moultrie. WE were HAPPY to HELP!!! But more impressive to ME was. Coach Bazemore's ability to see the whole field of play, simultaneously. It was like he was a marionette, pulling all the strings. He was also credited with innovating a number of plays, that were later utilized by college and pro teams alike. He is also listed in 'Ripley's, Believe it or NOT', for scoring twelve touchdowns, in a single game, against Buford. 😆 Truly, one of a kind. 

As an aside, I've always had this burning non football related question to ask him. Was his family descendants of Confederates or YANKEES, growing up in Fitzgerald, Georgia.🙄

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