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Why don't you boys talk about your high school/college teams?


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I rarely hear about them JAWJA DAWGS either. And when I do, they usually don't have a clue about individual players. Take my recent profile of that unsung hero, RB Daijun Edwards. MOST UGA fans have never HEARD of him. I was listening to a so called sportswriter from the dang AJC today, who was talking to a sports talk show host in Savannah, about the DAWGS offense. And the Savannah guy was saying that UGA FINALLY got their top tier RB, back into the fold. And HE was talking about Daijun. I almost ran offin the road. And this AJC clown responded, that Daijun has never really been in the mix before, until now. SAAAY WHAAAAT? He musta had his head up his ass since 2021, when Dajiun was the leading rusher against MICHIGAN'S 1's. And Daijun was running with the two's. I believe three times, Daijun has rushed for a 100 yds. or more. FEW UGA RB's since Nick Chubb, have accomplished that feat. Daijun WON the dang MIZZZOU game last season with eight or nine crunch time carries in the fourth quarter. And last season, I believe that he was thirty yards from being UGA's leading ball carrier for the season.  And had Stetson not been trying to pad his own stats with bootleg carries to show his own wares, Daijun would have rushed for over 1000 yds. If opponents were paying close attention to when Daijun was in the game. ANY time the play was designed to go wide right with Daijun, Stetson would run a fake and run a bootleg. Now, I realize that it's a team sport BUT. You need to feed a kid the rock, when he's stuck it out for FOUR DAMN SEASONS. For two seasons, Daijun would get the rock for 4-8 plays to get the DAWGS inside the ten. And THEN, Milton would get the ball inside the five for the score. It was almost like Todd Monken was giving Milton the stats for his future NFL status sheet. NOW, due to injury to their high profiled Freshmen RB, looks as though they will be forced to let Mr. Edwards show what he can REALLY do. Did anybody see the play where he gave the Cocky DB the OKIE DOKE for fifteen yards? He has great moves for a power back. And barring injury, SEC defenses had better get ready.

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