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Question for Homeowners?? How much Would you pay to clean all the Gutters on your house

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27 minutes ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

I’m seeing company’s charge from $1 a foot all the way to $5 a foot depending on how many floors up....so my question is would anyone actually fork up that money to have a empty gutter


asking for an aspiring Entrepreneur 

I think we pay $500/year for 4 cleanings (including the downspouts).   But the plan also includes gutter and downspout repairs, and they even will nail down roof nails that stick out and tar over the nails.  There may be some other things they include, too, but I’d have to check the agreement.

I did it the first year we bought our house but the roof is really steep and I hate going up there on the extension ladder.

It’s worth every penny.

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17 minutes ago, LiberalDonaldTrump said:

Lmao ur dumb you still need gutters from all the rain 🌧on the roof needs a place to go ... you gotta have it  atleast 20 feet from your house or ur foundation will be Fucked 


but hey what do I know I just steal copper apparently 

Did you not comprehend what I said? I have gutters. I have a single story house. It's easy. I do it. 


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