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OT: Media and Trump


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OK, I have long not been able to watch Fox or the other wing nut news outlets. As soon as they start slanting and telling you how you feel about the news, I am out. 

Well, now many of the honest news networks/shows are doing it. 

I have had to turn off several formerly straight news shows recently because it's a hate Trump fest. 

WTF is wrong with this country. This will lead to no good. 

If we were not such a fat azz nation, people would be in the streets in droves. 

A serious economic downturn could be dangerous next time, IMHO. 

It was bad enough when it was a red state problem. Now it's an all state problem.

The minions of the rich vs the minorities. 

Good grief...


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1 minute ago, TheRealCAJ said:

cheeto, uses that line a lot.

You two have much in common.

You are both early morning babblers.

God bless and good day 


it is true, I do have many similar traits as the Donald. For better or worse. It's probably why I cut him so many breaks. 

He is a take ownership guy that works in macro (not that you understand what that actually means)

He creates caricatures of people with words. He rips people apart without ever being mad. He does it to achieve a desired result. 


It's his narcissism and tween immaturity that I dislike. Sourcing right wing "alternative news" instead of the NSA? That is some bad shi$ that push me away. 


now I must go



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