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One of my favorite games... ever


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and maybe for some of you youguns, something you've never seen.  This is good old fashioned smash mouth football.  It is the 1996 LA 5A semifinal game between Catholic Baton Rouge and West Monroe.  Catholic featured Travis Minor (Florida State) and Major Applewhite (Texas), they came in undefeated and ranked # 10 in the country.  West Monroe had Tommy Banks (LSU) and were big underdogs.  Both teams had legendary coaches that ended with over 300 wins, Dale Weiner for Catholic and Don Shows for West Monroe

Worth a watch

Catholic vs West Monroe

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That 1996 Baton Rouge Catholic Bear team was stacked. Hard to believe they lost that game.

Major Applewhite - Texas
Travis Minor - Florida State
Brian Williams - Navy
Greg Brown - Texas
Aaron Boone - Clemson
Randy Richard - Louisiana Tech
Clay Bostic - Tennessee

Anthony Fisher - Miami, Southern
Kendrick Shanklin - Kentucky, Grambling
Zack Pendarvis - LSU
Trey Eyre - Memphis
Reid Finn - Army
Neil Rollins - Morehouse
Emanuel Zanders - Morehouse
Jason Beasley - Trinity
Keegan Williams - Grambling

Brian Oliver - Henderson State
Jermaine Hatch - Georgia Tech
Donnie Jones - LSU
Kortland Kemper - ULL
Brian Thomas - Nicholls State
Jason Brown - Memphis




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